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Users satisfied with the functioning
of the Information System

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So much more than user experience

Manage the daily use of your applications and equipment to better manage waves of transformations and adoption cycles.

gestion actif système information

Manage your assets

supervision système information

Supervise operation

support système information

Provide user support

piloter système information

Drive adoption and your transformations

sécurité système information

Strengthen security

valeur système information

Bring value to businesses

enjeux système information

What are the essential challenges of the company?

Companies face major strategic challenges, and the Information System is one of the levers for achieving objectives. In charge of the smooth running of the activity on a daily basis, as well as of the ability to face the future, CIOs anticipate and support market developments (customers, sectors) with the development of digital offers, also:

  • User satisfaction,
  • Achievement of digital transformation,
  • Talent detection and employee loyalty,
  • Cost optimization.

Are becoming elements of Information System efficiency monitoring.

The evolution of digital uses is being accelerated by various factors:

  • the expectations of new generations of employees,
  • regulatory transformations that affect the world of work, its organization, its environment and professional relations.

Knowledge, mastery and understanding of the use of Information Systems is a key element in the competitiveness of companies.

Interact, a EUEM software solution (or End User Experience Management), is a tool easy to implement which gives you the means to meet these challenges.

Why want to have full visibility on uses?

CIO, CISO, IT Production Manager, User Service Manager, “Transformation” Manager, HR Director…, you must have 360 ​​° visibility on key Information Systems indicators in order to meet expectations of the company:

  • Provide service,
  • Measure uses and adoption / transformation,
  • Control costs / avoid “digital waste”,
  • Contribute to security / compliance.

Large independent firms and feedback from large companies (IDC, Cigref, McKinsey, etc.) have published numerous studies highlighting these issues and the growing concern of CIOs to be able to have indicators in this area.

Interact, “End-User Experience Management” solution provides you all the elements of measurement, comparison, alert, diagnosis … giving a 360 ° view of the use of IT tools by your users.

indicateurs système information

The Process

collecte système information


Collection capacity (over 800 indicators) on PCs and tablets

traitement système information


Ease of access to collected indicators

données système information


Production of tailor-made management documents adapted to the customer context including real-time data

action système information


Co-construction of corrective action plans, triggered automatically in certain cases.