Asset Management

How to better ensure Asset Management?

Strengthening asset management and cost containment is a necessity for all businesses.

supervision système d'information

How does it work?

The EUEM solution Interact  offers powerful analysis tools for:

  • simply optimize the management of the equipment fleet by adapting the lifespan of equipment to its actual use,
  • improve the management of software assets by ensuring the detection of installed and unused software, and by identifying installed software that does not comply with the company’s standards.

What are the strengths of Interact?

  • Easy to use features
  • Comprehensive data collection
  • Use cases
    management of assets co-constructed with clients.
  • Analysis reports
    clear and intuitive for easy access to data.
gestion actifs informatique energie

Save energy

Reduce energy consumption by switching off workstations, and check the application of the printing policy (B&W, recto / verso, decrease in the number of printed pages), by increasing the life of the workstations.

gestion actifs informatique maintenance

Reduce maintenance costs

Optimize licenses and reduce the scope of maintenance

gestion actifs informatique investissement

Reduce software investment

Reallocate unused licenses to meet new demands

gestion actifs parc informatique

Reduce material investments

Extend the lifespan of workstations

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Managing IT environments
is a real value for the whole company.

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