and Compliance

How to improve security and compliance?

The proliferation of terminals, operating systems, applications installed or accessed, requires strengthening of security and compliance systems.

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How does it work?

Intentionally or not, users can bypass the protections or recommended uses of workstations. Internet access increases the risk of intrusions on the Information System, data theft, …. Consulting sites with a questionable reputation, or using “free” services to meet needs not covered by the company’s repository (such as online file sharing, careless use of social networks, etc.) are all potential breaches over which vigilance must be constant. And even if the workstation is protected by an anti-virus, a firewall, etc., it is much more exposed if these protections are deactivated or if the updates fail.

The EUEM solution Interact collects all the configuration and usage information of the applications on the workstation. Algorithms and dashboards or analysis highlight deviations from company benchmarks. All this information can also feed into a lake of data and SIEM, SOC tools to increase your analytical capacity and strengthen IS security systems.

What are the strengths of Interact?

  • The Open Interact Data Model
    and Interfaces or APIs to feed a SIEM or SOC data lake.
  • The ability to analyze
    static data but also dynamic data related to the use of the workstation or applications. 
sécurité système d'information

Integrate the use of applications within the perimeter of IS security

Extend the scope of monitoring and supervision of the workstation as much as possible to guarantee 360 ​​° visibility of the real uses of employees.

sécurité système d'information temps reel

Complete the necessary information for SIEM / SOC

Integrate the information collected in real time by the agent into your IS security vigilance systems – SIEM / SOC)

sécurité système d'information conformité

Increase vigilance on equipment compliance

The inventory capacity of the EUEM Interact solution on the workstation, coupled with the measurement of the real use of the applications, gives a very good view of the level of risk in the workstation environment.

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