Your Challenges

The companies digital transformation place the information system at the heart of the business. The EUEM Solution InterAct allows you to control the operation of the IS for an optimal user experience.

User satisfaction

The main challenge for the CIO is to provide employees with the solutions and technical means allowing them to carry out the assignments with optimal performance and safety conditions. To face this challenge, it is essential to be able to be as close as possible to the user experience and to have precise knowledge of the uses, expectations and difficulties encountered by the teams. At a time where the work environment (Digital Workplace), new working methods (Telecommuting) are at the heart of business strategies, the adequacy of the information system and its functioning are key to meet users expectations.

enjeux système d'information satisfaction
enjeux système d'information coût

Controlled costs and optimization of assets

In a context where performance cannot be decorrelated from costs, the relevance of efforts and investments is a key indicator of the Information System’s evolution strategy. By having complete visibility and an understanding of the uses of the information system, the CIO can demonstrate his decisions impact. To actively and effectively contribute to the acceleration of business transformation, the IT department should have the relevant information and KPIs to assess the reality of transformations towards new uses. By relying on 360 ° visibility of uses and user experience, the IT department supports and accelerates change.

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Facilitate transformation and adoptions

The information system is one of the essential elements of company productivity and the efficiency of company employees. The more the activity develops, the more the concept of IS performance becomes crucial. The quality of services, the resilience of the infrastructure, the intrinsic performance of the applications, the user experience, are all elements that can be measured to detect, day after day, levers for improvement that can be applied as needed. The collection and use of data from the IS allows granular management of performance for targeted responses.
enjeux système d'information securité

Contribute to IT security

Ensuring the security of the Information System is a vital issue. The new uses and means of consumption of information system services (Telework, personal workstation, etc.), the possibility of using “free” services available on the Internet are all new possibilities for intrusion, data breach,… and users are not always fully aware of the level of risk they are taking. If the protection devices (antivirus, firewall) take the workstation into account, they can be deactivated or be outdated. Vigilance devices (SIEM, SOC) rely on traces from the network and often ignore the terminal. With Interact, the IT department has the opportunity to increase its proactivity and the quality of diagnostics in this area.

The IT organisation challenges

Improve workstation performance

enjeux système d'information qualité

Optimizing the quality of IT services

enjeux système d'information rapidité

Limit downtime of IT

enjeux système d'information service

Maintain the level of IT service agreement

enjeux système d'information optimiser

Anticipate changes and optimizations

enjeux système d'information materiel

Associate the appropriate IT equipment with real uses

enjeux système d'information performance

Analyse application performance

enjeux système d'information logiciels

Schedule software updates

The solution

The deployment of Interact End-User Experience Management Solution on employee terminals allows a real-time and 360-degree view of the performance, uses and security of the IS. It thus provides CIOs, CISOs, HRDs with an objective and end-to-end understanding of the reality of uses and needs.

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