The Solution

How it works

The data collected on each workstation is stored in a relational database and returned in a simple, intuitive and ergonomic visualization tool.

The Process

collecte système information


Collection capacity (over 800 indicators) on PCs and tablets

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Ease of access to collected indicators

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Production of tailor-made management documents adapted to the customer context including real-time data

action système information


Co-construction of corrective action plans, triggered automatically in certain cases.

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How does the collection work on the workstation?

The intelligent agent installed on each computer terminal works transparently and does not affect the performance of the workstation, nor the daily life of the employee whose data is collected in an optimized and secure manner and in full compliance with the GDPR regulations. Only the technical data necessary for the indicators selected are collected. When the terminal is not connected to the company’s network (mobility / teleworking / use of a VPN), the data collected is kept locally (30 days by default) and synchronized as soon as the network connection is reestablished.

What are the specifics of Interact's collection?

With more than 800 indicators and metrics collected, Interact is the EUEM’s solution that gives you a comprehensive view:

  • the fleet of terminals,
  • their hardware and software configuration,
  • the operation of applications and their uses,
  • use of networks.

The usage data collected by Interact takes into account the actual use of the applications by the user (working focus). This technique gives the most precise possible vision of the use by eliminating the side effects due to open applications that are not in the foreground and without keyboard or mouse activity. These indicators are collected once a day, the frequency of the collection can be adapted to meet the needs of “real time” supervision of the operation of applications or services with a higher frequency collection (every ¼ of an hour for example).

solution gestion système information specificités
solution gestion système information integration

How does Interact fit into your ecosystem?

Interact is an open solution. All of the data can be used and easily integrated with data broker solutions capable of processing JSON or XML formats.

This information can feed a corporate DATA LAKE to later be processed with data coming from Other sources. Because the Interact solution is open and interoperable, it can be interfaced with other solutions within the IT ecosystem:

  • Now service for It solution support – to automatically generate intervention sheets, feed the CMDB,
  • SCCM for component cable distribution,
  • Flexera for managing SAM processes – installed software, level of software use, Power BI as a BI tool, …).

Interact provides developers with an SDK that allows data / metrics from applications to be injected into the collection system (Applications, PowerShell, Scripts, Bat, Log, etc.). With Interact, expand the range of possibilities …

What types of management and analyzes should be implemented?

Easy to configure and implement, Interact allows you to analyze all the information related to the operation and use of IT resources:

  • Use of applications by users,
  • Real-time supervision of IS operation,
  • Measuring the impact of infrastructure changes on application performance,
  • Efficient and optimal management of the company’s IT resources,
  • Identification of sources of technical and financial optimization,
  • Detection of security breaches,
  • Raising of indicators on “digital waste” as part of environmental protection actions.

Do you want to see, understand, analyze? With the EUEM Solution Interact, you have all the data on the operation and use of your Information System!

solution gestion système information analyse

6 main uses to optimize the entire scope of the IT department

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your assets

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user support

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Drive adoption
and your transformations

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