How to measure the transformation and adoption of new uses and equipment?

To make your company part of a logic where you engage all employees in the changes brought by the digital transformation. the management of the deployment of new services must be accompanied by factual measures of the adoption rate.

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How does it work?

The collection of application usage data by the the EUEM solution Interact, uses metrics based on actual application usage (“working focus”). The indicators built on these measures reflect the actual use of the applications (resident on the workstation or used via a browser). These measures can, by means of an adapted configuration, highlight a detailed vision of a part (sub-process) of the application.

What are the strengths of Interact?

  • The measurement is carried out
    for internet applications or workstation software based application.
  • The “sub-processes”
    For WEB applications, Interact measure the performance and use of “sub-processes” (or group of applications URLs).
  • The EUEM Solution Interact can make comparisons between two applications.
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Measure the actual use of applications

Take advantage of the possibility offered by Interact to factualize uses and transformations. No longer limit yourself to presumptions, preconceived ideas, and confront the daily reality of users to provide them with the most appropriate answers.

adoption transformation digitale simple

Have easy-to-use tools

Get the best of field knowledge without the complexity of implementation

adoption transformation digitale connaissance

Strengthen your knowledge of the field

Base your decisions on indicators based on actual use of applications (“working focus”)

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Managing IT environments
is a real value for the whole company.

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