How to ensure optimized Business Support for improved productivity?

All business divisions of the company can take advantage of the metrics information collected by the EUEM solution Interact.

supervision système d'information

How does it work?

Interact, a EUEM solution, collects and provides precise and detailed information on the use of IT tools by company employees. These metrics based on “working focus” reflect the actual use of the applications. Only the times of use of an application screen with keyboard or mouse movements are taken into account. Applications open in the background on the user’s screen are not considered “unused”. These indicators are automatically correlated with axes of analysis such as: the type of terminal, the type of network the precise conditions of use of the applications (from a PC or a tablet, on the company network or when working remotely, etc.). Interact places the management of the Information System in a dimension of multi-dimensional analysis to facilitate comparisons between groups of users, periods of time, etc. and thus help to assess the transformations, the effectiveness of the measures of accompaniment, …

What are the strengths of Interact?

  • A working focus 
    ensuring the relevance of “rate” or “time of use” metrics.
  • Tool easy to use 
    that natively allows you to make comparisons.
  • Visibility on all the use cases available on IS security, Telecommuting, disconnection law, the use of digital tools, etc.
productivité système d'information

Successful deployments

Successfully complete all transformations or deployments of new services or applications by measuring their effectiveness in real time and on a daily basis. Based on this data, adapt the action plans to remove the obstacles to adoption, for example:

  • Support measures (training, communication, etc.),
  • Changes in procedures or tools
  • The expansion or restriction of functionalities …
productivité système d'information securité

Strengthen IS security communication

Reduce the level of IS security risk exposure by detecting equipment non-conformities, user “risk” behavior, … and by adapting communication, awareness or technical protection tools

productivité système d'information

Quantify and qualify the new working methods

Evaluate the deployment of remote working and the right to disconnect by setting up a “telework observatory”.

productivité système d'information adoption

Measure the adoption of collaborative tools

Have factual information on the use of collaborative tools inside and outside the company (remote meetings, document sharing, emails, etc.) to support your decisions

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