EUEM (End User Experience Management)

Interact Software develops in close relationship with its customers an EUEM (End User Experience Management) solution also called DEM (Digital Experience Monitoring). Numerous studies show that many IT departments lack reliable indicators that are easy to collect and analyze in order to measure the quality of the operation of IT applications and services as seen by the company’s employees. Many of them have largely adopted ITIL best practices, but are mastered IT business processes a guarantee of end-to-end service quality? In a few examples, we present you how the Interact Software solution allows IT departments to simply:

  • Measure the quality of service of applications seen from the user’s workstation: availability, performance, quality of service (APDEX), ….;
  • Reduce diagnosis time and take preventive or corrective actions ;
  • Analyze the user experience through the use (adoption) of new applications or according to the work situation (telecommuting or @office);
  • Trigger interactions with the user;

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Set up a dashboard to monitor the operation of the information system

One of the main challenges for IT Departments is to ensure that applications work. Having relevant, up-to-date, real-time indicators showing that this objective is being met is often difficult to implement.
EUEM Interact’s solution provides a quick dashboard that provides metrics and verifies compliance with service level agreements (SLAs), which are the exact reflection of the response time or availability of applications seen by the user.

Ensure that the applications are working as expected by the users

There is often a big difference between the performance or availability of applications as perceived by the user and the one rendered on the server side. Many APM tools give response time measurements of an application seen from the server, but these do not take into account network time and its vagaries (latency, retry, etc.), nor the processing time on the workstation. Moreover, they are rarely deployed on all the applications of the organization.
EUEM’s InterAct solution provides the CIO and support teams with metrics showing the functioning and usage of applications as well as diagnostic elements on all the components implemented. It is complementary to APM tools.


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Speed up diagnosis in the event of an incident

With an increasingly complex information system, involving several service providers (workstation, network, application hosts or SaaS service providers, etc.), IT departments are often at a loss to identify the probable cause of an incident as quickly as possible.
EUEM Interact’s solution, which provides an end-to-end view of the quality of service from the user’s workstation, makes it possible to simply identify the probable origin of a service degradation.


Avoid incidents by triggering "Active Pro" actions

Workstation operations are often not monitored. Users do not or no longer report incidents concerning their workstations and are content to perform a “stop/start” which temporarily resolves the incident without correcting the root causes.
EUEM Interact’s solution allows the teams in charge of the quality of service of the workstations to detect the workstations presenting anomalies or risks of dysfunction and to plan the necessary preventive actions.

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Automatically perform remediation actions on workstations

Many interventions on workstations are performed remotely by support teams. However, many of these interventions can be triggered automatically, upon detection of an event on the workstation. These remediation actions (preventive or corrective) are carried out more quickly, without support intervention and at a lower cost, with or without user consent.
The EUEM Interact solution monitors in real time the main parameters of the workstation and can trigger remediation actions such as reactivating the antivirus or SCCM, deleting an administrator account, …

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