Reduction of ISD costs

With the digitization of business processes, CIOs are faced with a major challenge: maximizing value creation (projects) and reducing recurring expenses. The major analyst firms consider that the share of resources devoted to projects should be greater than 45%/50% of the overall budget. Also, a large majority of CIOs consider the control and management of recurring costs to be their top priority. Without the means to measure and anticipate, the reduction in operating expenses can lead to operating difficulties and a drop in service quality. On the perimeter of the work environment, the EUEM Interact solution makes it possible to identify and implement savings without risk to the quality of service perceived by the user. There are many possible avenues:

  • Extend the life of workstations by at least one year ;
  • Identify the proportion of unused workstations and better manage their reallocation ;
  • Improve management and interventions on workstations (number of tickets) ;
  • Optimize the management of software whose fees are proportional to the number of workstations/users and deploy the right level of licenses based on actual usage ;
  • Reduce diagnosis time in a multi-vendor environment ;
  • Manage service level agreements in the case of SaaS service providers or hosting companies ;
  • Decrease the electricity bill by switching off workstations ;

The realization of these savings is based on the EUEM Interact tool and is supported by the expertise of Interact Software consultants. Some use cases are illustrated in the following videos.

Safely extend the life of workstations by at least one year

The TCO of the workstation, including the depreciation of the hardware (and peripherals). The analyses of the EUEM Interact solution make it possible to identify the workstations that need to be modernized. Increasing the lifespan of the workstations by one year means an annual saving of 5% on the renewal value of the entire workstation fleet.

Optimize the management of software whose fee is proportional to the number of workstations/user

Managing software licenses, which are costed according to the number of users, requires a lot of resources and investment in specialized software (SAM), which is often inefficient because it does not measure the actual usage of the installed licenses. EUEM Interact’s solution provides software contract managers and purchasers with accurate measurements of license inventory and usage, allowing them to revise maintenance fees.

Reduce the number of support tickets and workstation interventions

EUEM Interact’s solution makes it possible to detect malfunctions on workstations: delays in updating software, deactivation of the antivirus, user profiles that are incorrectly present, ….
The repair of these workstations generally leads to the creation of an intervention form (support ticket) and a remote intervention. Interact allows to automatically trigger corrective actions on the workstations and thus avoid a support intervention.

Check the conformity of software use: version level, acquired rights

Some publishers allow users to upgrade to a higher version of the software themselves, to activate a functionality supported by an additional module, … with a subsequent adjustment of the subscription costs or usage rights.
EUEM Interact’s solution allows the detection of the software versions used and the duration of use, and thus to compare these metrics with the rights actually acquired.

Optimize the workstation park

The EUEM Interact solution makes it possible to detect little-used workstations and also workstations that have not been used for more than x months. malfunctions on the workstations: These “operational” inventories highlighting the non-use of the workstations make it possible to reassign them, or to remove them from the fleet, and thus make it possible to save on investment and/or maintenance (licenses, MCO of the fleet)

The workstation represents nearly 50% of the IT department's electricity consumption

Even if the efficiency of standby systems is improving, a computer consumes about 70 WH per day on standby (source ADEME), which is an expense of 75 euros per year. Encouraging users to turn off their workstations contributes to financial savings, energy savings and improved performance. The EUEM InterAct solution helps you to control the development of this “good practice” with the follow-up of the total electricity consumption, the quantification of the potential of economy, the follow-up of these indicators in time and the possibility of putting in standby remotely.