Work From Home

With the “Covid 19” rules imposed on companies, the implementation of remote working has accelerated for most companies. Without thinking of what the world could become, teleworking will remain widely present.

With Interact, we present you some use cases of User Experience Measurement (EUEM) for a remote worker to:

  • Diagnose the differences in performance of applications used in telework ;
  • Measure the quality of service of the IS perceived by the teleworkers ;
  • Analyze the uses of telework in the company ;
  • Ensure that workstation protection devices are always active ;

We propose you some illustrations in the short videos below.

Measuring and comparing telework service quality

The measurement of the quality of service perceived by the user in telework situation to be compared with users @office, the supply of elements of diagnosis allowing to target the causes of the degradation of service. Whatever the work situation (at home or on the company premises), the EUEM Interact solution gives IT teams the means to verify the functioning of IT tools as perceived by the users.  

How to ensure that the rules imposed by telework are applied

Measuring the level of adoption of telework, ensuring that the use of IT tools by teleworkers cannot be a source of degradation of the Quality of Life at work, are all concerns for which Interact gives you reliable measurement elements. Future evolutions of Interact will give elements on the respect of the right to disconnect.

"IS security" vigilance must be reinforced with telework uses

Detect the use and/or installation of tools on the workstation to overcome usage limitations in a telework situation. The example presented shows how to detect the use of document sharing tools not authorized by the company for security reasons.

The second example shows how with InterAct you can check that the security devices of the workstation are up to date and active (patch deployment, firewall, antivirus)

Measuring the adoption of remote communication tools

Most companies have equipped themselves with remote communication tools to meet the needs of remote work (work groups, meetings, etc.). But what is the share of “corporate” tools used, are other “free” tools also used, what is the quality of service of these tools. So many questions that often remain unanswered. With Interact, discover how IT departments can see more clearly.