Use Case

The EUEM Interact solution presents here concrete examples of the use of data and metrics collected to respond to the main concerns of CIOs, HRDs, CISOs, or business managers, etc.

Most of the use cases presented below have either been “co-constructed” with the Interact user club and / or are based on feedback from our customers.

Green IT

The information system is one of the big consumers of energy from the data center, from the network part to the workstation one.

The “Green It association” shows that a global approach to the ecological footprint of the workstation, taking into account its manufacturing cycle (rare metals extraction, consumption of water, plastics, transport, etc.), can represent up to one degree of temperature added globally for on one square kilometer for 60 years!

Faced with this observation, the scale of what could be done could lead to the blocking of any initiative. However, with Interact, some of these actions are manageable and can help enhance the impact of an eco-responsible approach.

The EUEM Interact solution allows you to drive actions allowing a measurable contribution to the reduction of the ecological footprint of the workstation.

Work From Home

With the “Covid 19” rules, most companies have accelerated the implementation of teleworking. Without prejudging what the world will be like in the future, it is clear that teleworking will remain widely present.

With Interact, we present some use cases of User Experience Measurement (EUEM) for a Teleworker to:

Diagnose the differences in performance of applications used in teleworking;

• Measure the quality of IS service perceived by teleworking employees;

• Analyze the uses of teleworking;

• Measure application usage and “screen time”;

End User Experience Management

If ITIL best practices allow CIOs to ensure that service commitments for handling incidents and requests, incident prevention meet service commitments, but for all that, measuring the quality of the operation of applications remains an exercise complicated for most CIOs.


Interact Software develops in close relation with its customers a solution of EUEM (End User Experience Management) which simply allows to set up dashboards of the quality of service of the applications seen from the user’s workstation: availability, performance, quality of service (APDEX). And also, to facilitate the diagnosis and even make automatic corrections in the event of an anomaly.

Reduction of IT department costs

The EUEM Interact solution makes it possible to identify and implement savings within the scope of the work environment, without risking the quality of service perceived by the user.

There are many possibity:

• Extend the lifespan of workstations or identify the proportion of unused workstations;

• Optimize software management and deploy the right level of licenses based on actual use;

• Reduce management costs: reduce the number of tickets, reduce diagnostic time;


The realization of these savings is based on the tool of EUEM Interact and is supported by the expertise of Interact Software consultants.


The vulnerabilities of work environments, despite the multiple protection tools (antivirus, firewall, patch automation, etc.) remain significant and, moreover, the user, unwittingly, may lack vigilance and reveal flaws.


The EUEM Interact solution analyzes the uses and behaviors of users, controls the configuration of workstation equipment, detects connected peripherals, etc. and thus contributes to strengthening workstation security.