Green IT

With the “Covid 19” rules imposed on companies, the implementation of remote working has accelerated for most companies. Without thinking of what the world could become, teleworking will remain widely present.

With Interact, we present you some use cases of User Experience Measurement (EUEM) for a remote worker to:

  • Diagnose the differences in performance of applications used in telework;
  • Measure the quality of service of the IS perceived by the teleworkers;
  • Analyze the uses of telework in the company;
  • Ensure that workstation protection devices are always active;

We propose you some illustrations in the short videos below.

The Workstation represent nearly 50% of the IT department's electricity consumption

Even if the efficiency of standby systems is improving, a computer consumes about 70 WH per day on standby (source ADEME), which is an expense of 75 euros per year. Encouraging users to turn off their workstations contributes to financial savings, energy savings and improved performance. The EUEM InterAct solution helps you to control the development of this “good practice” with the follow-up of the total electricity consumption, the quantification of the potential of economy, the follow-up of these indicators in time and the possibility of putting in standby remotely.

Change document printing practices​

In the age of dematerialization of processes, the number of printed documents is decreasing significantly. However, the real measure of this trend in companies is rarely done. The reason for this is the difficulty in obtaining reliable indicators of actual practices.

The EUEM InterAct solution provides metrics to ensure the application of the printing policy and to carry out awareness actions in order to save paper, consumables.

Extend the life of terminals without risk to the quality of service

The “industrialized” processes of asset management generally provide for the systematic replacement of the workstation at the end of its amortization period or at the end of its warranty period. These industrialized processes are supported by players specialized in workstation asset management.

Without calling these processes into question, the EUEM Interact solution gives you the means to improve them, with factual indicators on the capacity of the terminals to provide the expected service according to their use and thus make real savings (investments, reduction in the number of management acts, etc.) and thus contribute to the safeguarding of the planet’s resources.