HRD Dashboard

The transformation brought about by the generalization of the use of new technologies in companies (“The Digital Workplace”), obviously solicit the IT departments and mobilize just as much the HR departments. The implementation of these new solutions, new work methods (work from home), listening and detecting difficulties encountered by employees, are all central concerns for HR departments. Wether it is about: 

  • Leading change management actions (operating system migration, switching to collaborative work tools, etc) 
  • Reinforcing reflexes in terms of IS security or compliance with RGPD rules
  • to accompany the implementation of work from home 

In addition to collecting survey data, measuring the use of these new IT tools provides HRDs with factual information to guide these transformations. 

Monitor the number and daily evolution of work from home positions

Among the instructions of control of the pandemic, recourse to telework allows to avoid interactions and contacts in public transport, possibilities of contacts in the company. The pandemic has been a gas pedal of the implementation of telework and today this practice is installed even if the instructions of fight against the pandemic are softened.

Ensure quality of service for work from home IT

The working conditions of employees in a telecommuting situation are one of the subjects that can lead to stress or discomfort. With Interact, it is possible to ensure that the availability and performance of applications used remotely are comparable to those used in the office.

Ensure the proper functioning of the Internet when work frome home and/or identify workstations with insufficient Internet speed at home (LAN / Wifi)

When using remote applications (or telecommuting), the impact of the network on the functioning and performance of the applications is sometimes difficult to diagnose. Interact provides diagnostic elements on the impact of the connection modalities (ADSL, Fiber, VPN, …) on the user experience.

Appreciate new behaviors in the use of the workstation and/or business applications

Teleworking has led to a greater use of the workstation and applications. It is becoming the essential means to perform business activities, but also to maintain the link with other team members and/or the company.

Measure the relative evolution of the uses of collaborative work tools

With telecommuting, the workstation and collaborative tools, we see a very important use of these tools. This leads to the need to ensure that all employees concerned have access to these tools and that their use is widespread (or in progress), that the performance and availability of these tools is in line with expectations. Finally, the transformation and adoption of these new tools is effective.

Track the time off between each day worked

For a HRD, being able to follow the respect of the legislation and/or company agreements concerning the right to disconnect, the respect of the rest time (11h of disconnection between each working day), the respect of the agreements on work from home is a complicated task. Interact allows to collect and analyze technical information to make simple evaluations on these topics.